Pylontech powercube X1 16.8 + GW8K-ET PLUS+

 6.392,18 Excl. BTW

AC nominal power (kVA): 8,00
Storage Type: High Voltage
Usable capacity (kWh): 15,96
Manufacturer Item Name: H48050*SC0500A-100S*GW8K-ET
Dangerous goods UNNr: 3480
Intrastat Product number: 85076000
Manufacturer: Pylontech + Goodwe
Manufacturer part number: : Powercube X1 16.8, + GW8K-ET Plus+
Weight (kg): 245,350

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Artikelnummer: H48050*SC0500A-100S*GW8K-ET Categorieën: ,


The proven ET plus+ series from Goodwe is the multi-tool in the planning toolbox. Flexible in use, with integrated overvoltage protection and a wide range of interfaces. In addition, a genuine, uninterruptible UPS function for the backup connection. This means that even sensitive consumers can be operated carefree in any mains situation. Combined with the X1 Powercube from Pylontech, this is a really powerful system for home use. And if you need a larger system, the Goodwe SEC1000S Hybrid Box can be used to connect up to 10 systems in parallel.

Product advantages:

• Emergency power with UPS function < 10ms

• Energy meter included with inverter

• Up to 10 systems can be cascaded

• Flexibly scalable high-voltage storage system

Product features System:

• AC power: 8.0 kW

• AC connection: 400V, 3-phase

• Overvoltage protection: Type 2 AC + DC

• Number of MPPT: 2

• Max. Input current: 12.5 A per MPPT

• Communication: Wifi, RS485

• Protection class: IP66

• Cooling: passive

• Weight: 24.0 kg

Product features Storage:

• Battery capacity (usable): 15.96 kWh

• Extension time window: up to 2 years

• Cell chemistry: LFP

• Communication: RS485, CAN

• Nominal voltage: 336.0 V

• Protection class: IP20

• Dimensions: 1200 x 600 x 600 mm (H x W x D)

• Weight: Rack: 54.0 kg, BMS: 8.2 kg, 7 x storage 24.0 kg each


A combination with potential in all directions.

Scope of delivery:

• 1 x GW 8K-ET Plus+ hybrid inverter, incl. meter (item 0146292)

• 1 x Pylontech Powercube-X1 BMS SC0500A-100S (item 0129805)

• 1 x 19” Rack 22U (item 0134801)

• 7 x Pylontech Powercube-X1 H48050 storage module (item 0127509)

• 1 x Pylontech Powercube-X1 Battery Cable Kit 2U (item 0126255)


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