Pylontech Force H1 16.9 + Goodwe GW10KN-ET PLUS

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Amount connected phases: 3
Usable capacity (kWh): 16,90
AC nominal power (kVA): 10,00
Storage Type: High Voltage
Manufacturer Item Name: GW10KN-ET PLUS*PT 48V FORCE-H1 FH48074
Dangerous goods UNNr: 3480
Manufacturer: Pylontech + Goodwe
Manufacturer part number: : Pylontech Force H1 16.9 + Goodwe GW10KN-ET PLUS
Weight (kg): 213,000

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In addition to increasing the DC input current to 16 amperes, the latest version of the Goodwe ET plus+ hybrid series has a real, uninterruptible UPS function for the backup connection. In this way, even sensitive consumers can be operated without worries in any network situation. Combined with the Pylontech Force H1 memory ideal for home use. And if it is to be a little larger, up to 10 systems can be connected in parallel with the Goodwe SEC1000S Hybrid Box.

Product advantages:

• Emergency power with UPS function < 10ms

• 16A input current per MPPT

• Energy meter included with inverter

• Up to 10 systems can be cascaded

• Storage expandable up to 23.6 kWh

Product features system:

• AC power: 10.0 kW

• Number of MPPT: 2

• AC connection: 3-phase

• Communication: Wifi, RS485

• Protection class: IP66

• Cooling: passive

• Weight: 24.0 kg

Product features memory:

• Battery capacity (usable): 16.9 kWh

• Time window extension: 2 years

• Cell chemistry: LFP

• Rated Voltage: 240V

• Protection class: IP55

• Dimensions: 1040 x 600 x 380 mm (HxWxD)

• Weight: BCU 25.0 kg, 5 x accumulators each 40.0 kg


The combination of these two manufacturer series has been around for a long time and has proven itself accordingly. The increase in the input current to an impressive 16A now allows the connection of any standard module without loss of performance. The improved switching of the backup connection, with < 10ms even at UPS level, is also a good announcement.

Scope of delivery:

• 1 x GW10KN-ET PLUS (16A) hybrid inverter, incl. meter (item 0152677)

• 1 x Pylontech Force-H1 Battery Management System (item 0152522)

• 5 x Pylontech Force-H1 memory module (item 0150255)


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